They Have no Compassion. No Feelings

Sean almost died in their custody. He complained of pain and fever. They took him to court instead. He had cancer. They delayed his treatment. If it wasn’t for a few programs, my money and some good doctors, Sean would be dead.

He finally got to a halfway house. Of course you have to give them anything you make for rent and your probation. He wanted to give his mother some money because she is living from hand to mouth. Now he’s in jail for another six months.

Her story is here also.

Another kick in the head from the judge

August 15, 2016.

Another meeting with the judge, another kick in the head.

Why didn’t he mention the mandatory drug class a few months ago when Liz had a formal meeting with him? A three month class. No details really. He says Liz agreed to it when she was released on probation in 2012. She has no paperwork from that time.

Liz has to get by for another three more months before the judge will consider letting her off of probation. Since her last meeting with the judge she has lost part of her left foot to diabetes. Her pain and suffering mean nothing to judge wheeler. No caps for him. No respect for him. If she had a lawyer; maybe she could fight his mean justice.

More to follow.

What a Farce

We finally got to a point where Liz’s probation fees were all caught up. I helped her pay almost $400 to get a meeting to decide if she could finally get an early release from probation. However nothing is easy with Judge Wheeler in Abilene.He doesn’t care that she has untenable expenses trying to fulfill the requirements of probation and health and living needs. When on probation you are required to have phone and a place to live, with an address, where they can come and scoop you up if you violate your agreement. By agreement I mean pay probation fees on time and never miss a meeting with your probation officer and not fail a urine analysis (which you also have to pay for). Those expenses alone would be a burden on a probationer who can find a decent job and/or a family willing and able to assist.  Liz isn’t that fortunate.

What is wrong with you Judge Wheeler?  Have you no sympathy for her situation. She has had to have surgeries to resolve infections left from a spider bite, She was finally diagnosed with  diabetes after she was not able to heal from the previous surgeries, she has had to have surgery to alleviate symptoms of Cushing’s  disease.

I have spent many thousands of dollars to give Liz a chance at getting by from day to day. It is way past time for her to be free of this judge and his government cronies. Anyone with a heart should be able to see that Liz has suffered more than anyone should when she was only trying to help her son with his drug addiction.

Obama surprised me …

…every step, no matter why or how small, is a massive win.
…so many issues, so many things that made me wish i could vote …only to vote for any other candidate besides Obama …
yet i read all of this, and fell to my knees praying i could vote for this man …for the one reason in all these articles. the one issue that means the entire world to me.
love or hate him, his view on this subject, his work on this one subject …may save just one life.
your child ? your parent? your reason to live ?
stop assuming this will never knock on your door. it can and will knock and open anyone’s door …
God bless you, President Obama ..
the 1 sentence no one would ever believe i would say ..and mean.
please keep pushing for the right thing and saving lives that deserve to be lived, not condemned
it is an illness …one that no heroin addict asked for ..yet one most beg to be cured of every single day.
illness nor not, you can fall to your knees and beg to God. to any one. …yet there is no help for the avg earning American. which means, there is no help for this illness …
the pain may turn you into a criminal, the hate for being that criminal costs lives. …this is a treatable illness that no one should have or should ever have to be a criminal due to a basic human right …an immense unimaginable pain, that left untreated should be the crime.

All they want is their freaking fees. She can’t afford them WTH!!!

TEXAS are you listening?

This is incredible. Liz is on probation for a crime she didn’t commit. She’s ill with Diabetes and Cushings syndrome. Her meds and diabetes supplies are over $1000. She makes $10 an hour when she can work. And they keep making her pay fees!!! It’s freaking stupid.  She can’t afford this stuff so I keep paying for her. I’m tired of these idiots. She needs to be given her life back NOW!!!.

TEXAS are you listening?



We Want a Criminal Defense lawyer.

Dateline: Texas — We want Justice isn’t working. I should have come up with a better name.
Liz needs someone to help get her off of probation. Sean is on his way to Safep because he can’t pay his probation fees. He’s been clean for over 3 years.
No one returns calls, no one sets up a free consultation.