Bad headlight. Bad trouble

40. After you’ve been put into the police car, what happens to you?

After the mug shots and finger printing. I guess you get jail clothes. You are allowed one phone call. If you can call Perry Mason and speak to Della Street you will probably get off. If you are a normal person in a strange town, who do you call? IF you are down on your luck, who do you call?

Liz, how did this particular county jail treat you?

Well … thats it … you’ve answered your question.  After you’ve been placed into the police car, the cop drives

you to the facility where they take pictures and run your fingerprints through their nationwide database system.

The process is different in different jails, but between the time you enter the jail and the time you’re housed

you’ll do the following things: mug shots and fingerprints, meet with a nurse for basic medical history and blood

pressure tests, “dressing in” where you get clothes and other necessities like dental care and soap.  In a big

county like Harris County here in Houston, you’ll have your first court appearance before you get housed, which is where you can enter a plea, charges are formally put on you and you’ll hear about your bail amount … in a smaller facility like Taylor County, bail is already set and that first appearance wont be for a while.  If you’re
just passing through a town, its certainly hard to get bail … after all, bail is a promise to appear in court on a certain day, and if you’re just passing through, that means you just have to pass right on back for court … you
don’t know anyone in town, and have no ties so its hard for a judge to accept that you’ll be back, so bail is usually higher for people from out of town.  You hit the nail on the head about the bondsmen … its next to impossible to secure bail from a bondsman because they’re putting money up for bail on a person who might be hundreds of miles away the next day, which is too risky a move for most of them.
Individuals who are broke will go through that very thing.  If you cannot afford bail, you do not get out of jail … its that simple.
As far as treatment … I could make this question into an entire book. The second you are arrested your rights disappear. I has mistakenly thought ..and had been told my entire life that you are innocent until proven guilty ..Good luck on that one ..Most cases never come close to that point. You take a plea to get out of jail because you either do not get bail/bond, or it is too much money or even that a bondsman will not bond you. It isn’t as if most criminals or drug addicts have any assets to put up against it, and definitely most do not have any credit left to speak of …If you are extremely fortunate you may have a family member or friend that will ..So, how many people are willing to loose their jobs, home, car, children and so on to sit in jail and wait about a year for a trial. Speedy trial? I got my first pre indictment deal over 3 months after I was arrested.

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