All they want is their freaking fees. She can’t afford them WTH!!!

TEXAS are you listening?

This is incredible. Liz is on probation for a crime she didn’t commit. She’s ill with Diabetes and Cushings syndrome. Her meds and diabetes supplies are over $1000. She makes $10 an hour when she can work. And they keep making her pay fees!!! It’s freaking stupid.  She can’t afford this stuff so I keep paying for her. I’m tired of these idiots. She needs to be given her life back NOW!!!.

TEXAS are you listening?




We Want a Criminal Defense lawyer.

Dateline: Texas — We want Justice isn’t working. I should have come up with a better name.
Liz needs someone to help get her off of probation. Sean is on his way to Safep because he can’t pay his probation fees. He’s been clean for over 3 years.
No one returns calls, no one sets up a free consultation.