Obama surprised me …

…every step, no matter why or how small, is a massive win. …so many issues, so many things that made me wish i could vote …only to vote for any other candidate besides Obama ̷…

Source: Obama surprised me …

3 thoughts on “Obama surprised me …

  1. …Reading this made my cry.
    I rarely cry any longer…I stopped at some point point in 2012 when, instead I shut down such huge blocks of memory that I forgot entire people… Even people I spoke with daily for years. A self preservation thing, maybe. Either way, it helped me survive. A several year disbelief coma …The one person I woild have bet all, would never let go of my hand or his word did. I walked around like a zombie for years… Still shocks me. Finally..Close to 4 years later, due to how my brain/body automatically coped, and only just in the last 6 mnths or so opened up to reality.. Accepted the unacceptable..The hurt is new, and massive …which creates such anger. Anger that I have never felt. It was always awesome being me .. from day 1 until …. yet…How can I complain. I waa granted a miracle…On this one day in 2012, I lost all and yet gained all.
    WHY cry now? In almost 4 years, no one listened, helped, believed .. It took a man who has known me about 17 years…I never hesitated to give up anything I wanted for either of my sons and did not with this either . Just larger scale. Europe, now Vancouver….they do what all countries should . America’s too greedy .. Methadone cost as much, is as addictive and takes twice as long…a mnth …for wd to end. That’s not the answer. Europe among other countries, writes scripts for “H”. Saved countless lives, given back normal lives to those who in America will never have … Crime dropped by 3/4th …It is an illness, it is NO choice. Let all officials who say it’s a choice use a year then try to walk away..THEN give their opnion and vote. I am certainly no.criminal, and my son damn sure is not either. THERE IS NO HELP. NOT EVEN IN AN EMERGENCY ROOM ..yet the pain has no description bc there is no comparison…..INHUMANE ..then when trying to ease that massive pain even a bit, you are a larger criminal than a murderer or rapist. No food, no sec 8, no help, even apts segregate.. ILLEGAL…yet they do and no one cares.
    It is an illness … disability…One people die since there is no help. They would rather be dead.
    They are looked at and treated as criminals …worse then kiddie rapists …They search search search, beg beg for any help..and moat DO want help..THERE IS NONE.
    I dare YOU to get addicted to it, THEN give your big guy, sitting on your perfect horse, opinion. YOU WOULDN’T MAKE IT OUT ALIVE.
    These addicts need help not condemnation ..
    Our officers, DA’s, JUDGES neneeto called to account for their mistakes that RUIN lives ..lives of parents who learned what hell really was years before …and replaced. Our country needs to stand up for ALL American’s rights.
    FYI ..over half guilty pleas aryw just to get out when bail isn’t offered or afforded. ..We need people in Govt who respect our rights, our Constitution…Damn, it is like a police state. They lie, it stands, they put one person in charge of deciding another’s freedom???! Where and how do you change something signed under super coerced stress. My son, to this day, will let you know, I had no clue ..That there was no probable cause to get a warrant …Which they never got..& I NEVER GAVE PERMISSION TO SEARCH. WHY WOULD I? MY SON HAD A WARRANT FOR YEARS AND I NEVER LET THEM IN ..WBY WLD I NOW. …i didn’t..i never failed a ua in my life ..
    never a anything but refused to let go of my baby’s hand.


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