Obama surprised me …

…every step, no matter why or how small, is a massive win.
…so many issues, so many things that made me wish i could vote …only to vote for any other candidate besides Obama …
yet i read all of this, and fell to my knees praying i could vote for this man …for the one reason in all these articles. the one issue that means the entire world to me.
love or hate him, his view on this subject, his work on this one subject …may save just one life.
your child ? your parent? your reason to live ?
stop assuming this will never knock on your door. it can and will knock and open anyone’s door …
God bless you, President Obama ..
the 1 sentence no one would ever believe i would say ..and mean.
please keep pushing for the right thing and saving lives that deserve to be lived, not condemned
it is an illness …one that no heroin addict asked for ..yet one most beg to be cured of every single day.
illness nor not, you can fall to your knees and beg to God. to any one. …yet there is no help for the avg earning American. which means, there is no help for this illness …
the pain may turn you into a criminal, the hate for being that criminal costs lives. …this is a treatable illness that no one should have or should ever have to be a criminal due to a basic human right …an immense unimaginable pain, that left untreated should be the crime.


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