Batting 0 for 3. No help on the horizon

Liz sent a letter to the presiding judge and the D.A. No reply.

I sent a request to for a petition to send to the Attorney General of Texas. No reply from

I sent a message to a local T.V. station in Abilene to see if they thought Liz’s ordeal was a story. No reply.

They Have no Compassion. No Feelings

Sean almost died in their custody. He complained of pain and fever. They took him to court instead. He had cancer. They delayed his treatment. If it wasn’t for a few programs, my money and some good doctors, Sean would be dead.

He finally got to a halfway house. Of course you have to give them anything you make for rent and your probation. He wanted to give his mother some money because she is living from hand to mouth. Now he’s in jail for another six months.

Her story is here also.