Does it bother anyone?

Elizabeth works only a bit because she’s often ill. Can’t get insurance because of a class 3 felony she’s not guilty of. Can’t afford the probation fee she’s forced to pay. Can’t pay the urine analysis she’s forced to pay. Rent and utility money is an issue, food money is an issue. I take care of those things for her when I can. The probation people know how she gets money to pay for things, the D.A knows how she gets money to pay for things, the judge knows how she has to get money to pay for things.

it’s five and one half years into a six year probation term. They have no evidence they have no proof. Her son was in posession not her. They were in the same car at the time. Opened and shut case to them. Ha.

Most people get off of these charges after three or four years. Why Liz is so lucky to still be on this ride?

Diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia. All expensive with no insurance.

I know this is just one story. There others in bad situations. I understand.

Does it bother anyone though?