Random Thoughts and Questions.

If Elizabeth and Sean would have had family support after they were arrested in Abilene, they might have been able to bond out until trial and find someone smart enough to challenge the possession charge. No one in their family was willing to get involved. They were on an island alone with no support.

Since the heroin was found in Sean’s belongings, how could they charge both with possession?

Should they have been charged with transporting controlled substances across state lines? Isn’t that a Federal Offense. Does the prosecution have a chain of evidence. Dealer to Sean? Supplier to dealer? Isn’t this information important? Could Sean have made a deal with the prosecutor for the name of his supplier for  reduced charge?

Who purchased the heroin? Did Sean and Elizabeth go to a dealer together and hand in hand to deliver payment for drugs? Where is the proof? Is it they or just Sean? Sean has signed an affidavit saying Elizabeth knew nothing about the drugs.

What is of course Heroin

When and where did they buy the drugs in Texas, on the way to Texas? Let’s see the evidence.

Was the Federal government informed about this arrest?

It wasn’t important after the arrest to try to determine if either Sean or Elizabeth were hooked on heroin. Only blood for type and cross matching was taken .  I guess it’s ok to house possible addicts in with the general population. What could go wrong.

There is an Opioid problem in this country. Sean is a victim by getting hooked. Elizabeth is a victim because the powers that be will not see the truth that she was unaware of the heroin.


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