Were you treated unfairly by the District Court in Abilene Texas?

I am looking for comments from people who have been through the district court in Abilene Texas.

1. How was your treatment by the Court/Judge?

2. How was your treatment from the Probation office?

3. Were you able to find effective council for traffic or drug possession charges?

Do not leave personal information that might get you into trouble for posting.

2 thoughts on “Were you treated unfairly by the District Court in Abilene Texas?

  1. 1. How was your treatment by the Court/Judge?

    The process is cut and dry.
    The DA makes you an offer. Over 98% of accused take whatever offer they get out of pressure. If you do not claim guilty, and take the offer, you get threatened to get a lot more time than the offer on the deal to claim guilty. The judge doesn’t not have much to do with it. It is the DA.

    2. How was your treatment from the Probation office?

    I have been on probation in Taylor County and only recently completed my sentence. Close to the end of my probation period, they had gathered up many small violations to issue a warrant and charge me. They offered me my full sentence, I was offered in the first place. Ie- I had agreed to 8 years probation. During the last year, I was charged with accrued minor violations and offered the entire 8 years in TDCJ. I finally got that down to 6 years. I had almost completed my entire 8 years and now I am on 6 years parole.
    So no, my probation officer did not treat me fairly. Not from the start. Some of the violations where not even technical violations. They where made up. For another example- being somewhere after 5pm. My curfew is/was midnight, which does not make that an actual violation. My future rested in one officers hands. Some are more fair than others. This makes the rules not close to being the same across the board. Where one officer may violate you, another may not. Your entire future depends on one person’s (officers) opinion amd interpretation of the laws surrounding your sentence.For over half my probation period, I had an officer that was extremely unreasonable with expectations too high. Additionally, they almost always offer you “Safe P”. A drug rehab, locked up in a TDCJ facility that lasts 9 months. At one point, I turned down that offer since .y charge was not even drug charge. Why would I have to go through a locked up drug program, when it did not pertains to my case/original charge/ or my issue,? When I did not shown up to attend/turn myself in, THE NEXT DAY, there was s warrant issued. I have heard many stories about the same. Where they find a way to violate you just as your probation is about to be completed and give you TDCJ time. It’s makes me wonder if they get paid per inmate ?

    3. Were you able to find effective council for traffic or drug possession charges?

    No, not in the least. I have not run into one person, in jail or out,, that had a hard working, professional lawyer on their side. The ONLY inmates I saw/knew that received a decent deal (which is almost unheard of in this county personal lawyer or not) had a personal, paid for privately, by family, law firm. I have not heard of one inmate receiving any sort of decent deal with a court appointed lawyer.

    In my opinion, there is no way to be treated fairly in Taylor County. I have heard many, many stories about officers breaking all sorts of laws to make arrests/hand out charges. No cameras used in the front of the cars (a state law), no just cause to search, no legal search warrant, people only warrants where the entire place was searched (places where a person could not fit. Ie- in couch cushions,). They come and knock down doors with no warrant shown/presented and no proof anyone was even home.

    The town is like a ghost town. You rarely see people outside doing anything. Every time you leave your home, for any reason, driving or walking anywhere, you will see an average of about 2 officers. There are too many officers per person. It is like a “police state”. It seems as if people are afraid to even be outside in their own yards. There is rarely anyone walking anywhere. I hear and see citizens being “harrased” on an almost daily basis. Normal traffic stops always have more than one police car.
    I could go on for a while.on this subject. I am already hesitant about posting this anywhere public due to everything I have just responded to. This is the most information I feel.comfortable.psoting on the subject. There are just way too many “shady” types of things that happen in and around Taylor County/Abilene.
    The last thing I will.admit to is that I have not heard of one person being treated even remotely fair unless directly related to some government official here.


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