This site was started to allow Liz and her son Sean to show how the system works against people who can’t afford good counsel. They are not the first and will not be the last people to lose to the “law” in Texas or other states.

Lives are surely destroyed and altered by car or workplace accidents. The reason for television commercials on at all hours of day and night for accident defenders is because of the big pay day. If it were about finding justice for accident victims and an innocent mother and Son who needed help recovering from a drug addiction there would be lawyers all over their case .

Liz and Sean have done fairly well since being stopped for one headlight around dusk. Liz didn’t have a valid license but her son had been driving for many hours already. Now though Sean is being sent away when his mother needs him. They both have jobs and contribute to society. Poor Sean can’t live and make all of his parole payments on time.  Off to rehab he goes.

If no one reads the site I used WordPress to create it an allow Liz and Sean to bring out their message, we will understand.

Besides Liz and Sean’s story we would like to hear from others who feel their efforts to get their lives back have been derailed.


I hope people don’t think this is a call for monetary assistance. Liz and Sean need someone to help them fight back against the legal system that will not give them any consideration, only demands.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “About

  1. To Liz,

    My dear brother has been helping to support your cause for the last 3 years or so. I think he has helped you enough monetarily but can no longer do so. I hope when your case is settled and you hopefully win your suit that you pay him back. He will continue to support and stand by you as a friend but no longer as a money source. His family needs him more.



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