The Reason I Made This Site

August 18, 2017

Taylor County Courthouse
300 Oak Street
Abilene, Texas 79602

cc: James Hicks, D.A.

Chief Honorable District Judge Reed O’Connor,

I am not sure where to start.
In 2012 My son and I receieved a 3rd degree drug felony, it was my first drug charge. First, I would like to say that i have never failed a UA for any drug except with a hospital stay/note/proof. My other violations have been not turning in my form from Harris County to Taylor County, often and late and or low payents. During the year after I took a plea deal, we both went to a drug rehab ministry where I lived a couple of years and my son three. We had been stopped on I-20 at dusk, only it was still very light out. There was no just cause to search except possibly my expired license. My son was young and had never driven longer than 3 hours and at our last stop, begged me to drive to out of Abilene exit for 36 and find a motal. He was way too tired and would fall asleep and cause a wreck. Of course, I put the safety of us and all of those on the road with us first/ with it only neing 45 min ahead of stop. Then, I did not agree to a search of any type. Mainly, sue to the no just cause. They ignored us, and made us exit vehicle (a few or more police cars later) and searched. This was also done without a woman officer which was then and is now a Texas law.
We where in the middle of a move, with almost all my family’s antiques, memories, photo’s and so such. They had already been loaded, paid and moved to Houston. Where I was going to get an angel investment group to invest in a second real estate office since Texas has the same laws as Colorado where I had my own office over ten years. While I grew up in Houston, I also grew up in Shreveport, and most my family is from there. Texas was the more econmical choice, at the time. In addition, Sean knew no one and had no reminders or triggers. The ABU truck was already in Houston, my car stolen on the road and the reason we where stopped, for a front light out, was in the car purchased on the road.
Our indictment came 3.5 months later. I was under undue duress. I had no idea where to find my adult son, my dog, my car, if ABU kept my things. In addition, I later found out my ACE card was stolen and cleaned off. We had sold my entire share of my granparents oil and gas interrests to my uncle. We where in the middle of a deal with Phillips 66 anyway and my stepmother had sued me for my home. I had to sell to my uncle to pay to move and start over in Houston. The court had given us 48 hours to pack and leave. This was after several counter filings. Until I ran out of cash to file and completely did not show for court. When that huge real estate market dropped, my father asked to help and refinance my first and second mortgage into one and put a bit down so I would have the orignal payment. This is how a week after my grandmother’s death, which I was informed of through txt, and not helped to go to the funeral in Lakeway, I got the first eviction notice. All my equity came from my mom’s mom’s estate. I lost, which was a blessing at the time, to get Sean out of Colorado Springs. In the end, it was the worst thing that has happened in my life. I got 6 years probation, the same as Sean, who has had a drug felony and I never have, for drugs I had no idea he had on him on the trip. They where ALL in his backpack. He said to help with withdrawal. The officer’s did not even believe I was his mother and made some crude comments at the time of the unauthorized and illegal search. I looked much younger and our last names vary. Someone cleaned off my Ace card in jail and Netspend would not refund the money due to how long I took to report it ..The week I got out and then it took me a month to get to Houston and jersey Village for a copy of the police report. I even called the BBB twice on Netspend and nothing. No car, no dog, as I walked out of Taylor County jail where I knew no one, had nothing, not even a penny (no commissary), just the clothes on my back. Thankfully, my God worked it out at the time. I did take the plea under duress, due to the oil and gas money, all our possessions on ABU truck for months, my dog,car and even family. My father left us for dead stating a quote from his wife that only 2% of heroin addicts make it past 5 years and so why continually be hurt and go ahead and count us as dead now. This was long after I had begged for help with Sean Spear’s issue. They had plenty of both money and time to help.Where the all the sudden, I am a heroin addict also came from is beyond me. I think my other son’s stepmother’s brother is one and they talked about it. My younger son even made a verbal contract to go live with his dad that his dad broke almost every aspect of. I will be hiring an attorney for that part of the case in PA, also. Yes, also. Illegal search and seizure, having a family lose all they had but their clothes on their back ..and I had a 2800 SQ FT home of memories and things, and my dog who was like my child …Being rudely heckled while unbeknownst to them we both tried to die that night. the amt of heroin taken could have killed a heard of cattle, easy and yet did not phase us. Keep in mind I was not even an addict. Therefore, I have 100% faith and belief in God. How would I not? After a 3.5 month wait and worry in county jail when I have never spent more than a night in one, I would have agreed to anything put in front of me t get out and try to save what could be left. As anyone would do, I bet even you.
That part of the story jumps about a bit but I pray you get the idea and words I am trying to convey. I will be finding an attorney to take on Taylor County. So, we can do this the easy or the hard way.
After having no help due to not kicking my son out and practicing tough love becuase he would have died, as my stepmother wanted, she took everything except what I begged God on my knees crying for on a daily basis. What I begged my parents for with all their money they would not help due to the step’s opinon. To this day, I have not spoken or heard from my father. So, I rushed to agree, to save anything I could. Just missing my dog, that was traded for meth in Houston by a cousin’s aquaintence. I agreed to move and stopped counter filing so Sean may live and make it. As he has. We put ourselves through a 9 month Christian based drug rehab where I lived two years and Sean, three. He also atended school for non destructive pipe testing at night. This was in addition to sleeping at and watching over the church, fielding all night calls, including pick up calls to go across town to pick up a homeless addict who wanted out, ran a feild fundraising team and so on. After three years, I moved back to Houston and we got an apartment when he got a job offer for $65k per year. That Friday afternoon he recieved a note from his officer about non payment and a meeting on Monday, he called and she refused to change it. he had no way to go and after that, he fell and went downhll. Failed a ua and ended up with a warrant, which he ignored for a year while mowing lawns, for cash with the Mexicans in our area. Finally, he begged me to move back here, since I work out of my home, to help him turn himself in and be close. I agreed only we totalled the uhaul on the way, and he was arrested as soon as the police stopped ..3 Hours later, I should add. Also, he was in Comanche County and everytime I called here to find him, they claimed he was not there. The only place he could be. Eventually Taylor County picked him up. I had his power of attorney but his attorney, when he told me he safet program accross from jail, I said to tell Sean no, do not accept ..He flat out said No, he would not tell him a word I said so Sean signed. He was just in the halfway house 2 weeks when he failed yet another ua.
I would like to make a deal with you and or the DA. Whoever handles these things. I am very close to a long time big dealer here. He normally just sells to other dealers. I already know you want him and I know I can deliver him on a platter. I know where he lives, when he is home, where he goes all day and meets people with heroin …I know his habits and a few that go to him for stuff. I want him off the street ..Why should Sean and I be punished and locked up and this guy is out dealing dope , daily. All day? I know who drives him, what he drives, what his wife and what his gf drive. Who gives him rides and even most times he makes runs to Ft. Worth for more. I would ne happy to testify since now I know he was picked up two days ago and you will want it to stick. I can give away 2 more, if it is a requirement. I never have so have no idea how this works.
Dangerous for me and us yet so is Sean back in safet for 6 months. You took his motivation and will to live away ..due to this man selling him dope. I am not afraid, although since a master marksman I would feel safer with protection, that violates my sentence. My probation sentence that I should not even have. Never should have had. I would not be in this position right now. Other issues have happneed in the last five years of probation but nothing large enough to mention.
I will be happy just to have our probation sentence dropped in exchange for whatever you want of me from/about/to do with this dealer. He has already served time for killing a girl that overdosed.
Michael Thompson.

We both want to close this book on our lives in move near my other son out West, where there are NDT jobs open for Sean so we can make it.
I had a job offer in Montana to be an Office Manager for a Dermatologist and have letters of recommendation, glowing recomendation from Minister Nicolle and my currant officer at the time, Kristen Peters. Somehow Montanna never recieved any paperwprk from Texas. This was 1\3 the way through with no vioiations but late paperwork due to ministry and how busy volunteering for them. So then, after visiting the capital of Montana and the man who handles paperwork, the Dermatologist hired an attorney here to get me off early so I could go and he never filed the paperwork with the court, Kory Robinson. If I should have never been on probation and lost all but Sean’s life, at that point I should have been off and now working for a Dr. as an office Manager. How easy will that be now to get with a 6 year active drug f3elony for drugs ALL in my son’s backpack. I even have a signed, notorized letter I had nthing to do wth them and no idea. I should have benefits, a small home, car, bankruptcy filed, $16/hr, living back in the mountains and probably have Sean off early ny now too ..They offered all that then to deduct from my paycheck. Who will ever offer that again? I can not even get an interview at Hobby Lobby when my first job, at 18, was as a teller making $12.75 an hour for Spring Branch Savings and Loan.
I will trade anyone and anything except and or for our freedom.
With the right offer, I will do the right thing. Fair is fair and the law is the law. I have been lied to, illegally searched and seized, left to rot in a jail, dropped in a town I knew no one and nothing, a weekend AFTER court, I am adding because I then I had a son to fin after he had been out all weekend too in a place we did not know.. Both wish we never did. We will leave and never come back, if you request it. Please do. If nothing else, we would prefer to be under Minister Nicolle’s care im Houston until our release court date. We did fine there. We enjoy helping others that need help. I have even literally given the shoes off my feet to a homeless person while fundraising. The ministry will be launching a branch out to Abilene within a year, so be ready. We honestly help those in need. There is no picking and choosing. Itis who wants the help and home. Sean and I will come help open this branch since we know the area and if we are let pff with no stipulation to stay away. It helps us to help others in the word of God. You can believe or not ..Wr where Catholic and never esp thought of it either way ..BUT.. after that day, We have 100% belief and faith.
Do the right thing, what should have been done years ago. Not the wrong thing. My anxiety gets so nad before monthly meetings I literally get ill. My future belongs to one person’s opinion and it is the luck of the draw who you get. After my Houston evaluations, they always recommend I never even come in, just mail in paperwork and check. It’s all public knowledge.
Between Sean and I in our own self imposed rehab ministry 9 month time ..That I spent 2 years total and him3, togther we both where in charge of the men or women’s home van’s both home directors, feild leaders, Sean overseer of all men’s homes and in charge of church, including living there. Most can not even make it to graduation on the rehab ministry. We did very well, which can be verified and there is a letter in your probation office stating way better about it/us.
We deserve more than a chance, we deserve our lives back along with what was taken under an illegal search and time spent under complete duress. The least amount a home I have lived in sold for was $180k and that was as a single parent. My kids went to Catholic school (where so many volunteer hours are required for graduation) and I was my younger son’s room mother from kind through 6th grade. Sean was first string center, a travel team hockey his entire life, football, track, debate team for Seniors at 8th grade (around hockey), and even street fighting star. He made straight A’s and had an iq over 150. In addition, his yearly testing never went below 99th percentile in the nation. He does not belong locked up. He could be inventing a cure for God knows what.
Has America turned into a police state? Texas? What happened to our rights.

Thank you,

Please advise,

Elizabeth Craig (Elizabeth Nowery Blanchard Williams Echterhoff, aka. Shreveport, LA), 325-269-3553, now a Houston Ministry until I chose to be heard from.
bcc: Sean Spear