Time for the sunshine.

I sent a letter last fall to judge O’Connor in Ft. Worth Texas that Elizabeth had written. Nine pages of  her life just before her arrest in Abilene. I doubt anyone would believe the trials and tribulations of someone just trying to help her son. Can’t get a decent public defender, not a decent district attorney, not a decent judge (Wheeler), not decent probation people. The cost to survive with no assistance from health insurance is staggering for someone with diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia.  She could not do it on her own. I am running out of money.

Judge O’Connor has never responded to the letter I sent, nor has he or any of his people responded to half a dozen emails. State Senator Buckingham has not responded to the emails I’ve sent through the government contact form.

It’s a shame I have to expose the level of distrust these people deserve. Too bad for them.

Elizabeth has suffered and continues to suffer. They should be embarrassed at the very least.